Emergency Exit Lock: L-2349 – Anti-thrust night latch


  • Interior and exterior door application.
  • Can work on left and right handed doors
  • Suitable for doors up to 54mm thick


  • Latch Bolt withdrawn by euro profile cylinder and sprung lever handle or separate turn from inside
  • Latch bolt is held in the withdrawn position by use of special key supplied
  • Reversible latch bolt
  • Latch bolt is automatically locked against end pressure by an anti-thrust bolt
  • Square forend and locking plate
  • Case Size: 78mm
  • Backset: 57mm
  • Case: Steel, silver powder coat
  • Forend: Stainless steel or brass
  • Striking Plate: Finished to match forend
  • Latch Bolt: Brass
  • Follower: 8mm
  • Rebate Kit: 2942


  • SS – Stainless Steel
  • PL – Polished Brass finish


  • L-2349-78SS (Euro Cylinder Anti-thrust night Latch Stainless steel)
  • L-2349-78PL (Euro Cylinder Anti-thrust night Latch Polished Brass)


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