DC6113 Slimline Transom Door Closer


A slim line transom door closer that uniquely helps to meet BS 8300 and Approved Document M, ensuring buildings are accessible and inclusive to all.

Many transom door closers only achieve BS 8300 and Approved Document M at EN power size 2, and are not compliant on heavier doors.

Some manufacturers wind down the door closer and spring to EN power size 1, which doesn't provide the necessary closing force to comply with BS 8300 and Approved Document M.

The DC6113 uniquely helps to achieve BS 8300 and Approved Document M at EN power size 3, meaning heavier doors are easier to open, but still safely close.

It's also the slimmest profile on the market, perfect for aluminium slim line door sections.


  • Slim line Transom Door Closer for door widths up to 950mm
  • EN Power size 3
  • CE marked and tested to BS EN 1154 and BS EN 1634
  • Suitable for fire and smoke protection doors


  • Slimmest transom profile on the market, compatible with slim line aluminium profile sections
  • Highly efficient Cam-Motion® technology delivers a rapidly decreasing torque curve, which offers smooth and easy door operation for all
  • Thermodynamic valves provide consistent performance, regardless of temperature
  • Convenient access to the regulating valves allows closing and latching speeds to be easily adjusted
  • Adjustments in all directions
  • Available with hold-opening angle 90⁰ and without hold-open
  • Closing speed 165° - 15°
  • Latching speed 15° - 0°
  • Maximum door opening angle 165° both sides
  • Unhanded and suitable for left and right doors


  • Cover plates and eyelets brushed stainless steel

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