DC300 – Rack and Pinion Closer


  • Rack and pinion door closer with link arm
  • Certified in compliance with EN 1154, size 3-6
  • For single action doors up to 1400mm


  • Suitable for fire and smoke protection doors
  • Can be used on left and right-handed doors
  • Axis height adjustable up to 14mm
  • Thermodynamic valves for consistent performance
  • Closing speed, latching speed and back check adjustable via front facing regulating valves
  • Closing force configurable
  • Opening angle up to 180⁰
  • Effective backcheck and latching speed range adjustable


  • Silver
  • Other options on request


Charactrestics of special model DC300DA

  • Delayed closing variable from max. opening angle 180⁰, adjustable from front
  • Other features as in model DC300

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