Cam-Motion® Door Closers

Have you ever struggled to open a difficult door? Imagine the experience for a child or less-abled person — the door may have created an impassable barrier. With Cam Motion® door closers, your building remains safe and open to all. Effortless opening for everyone Door closers perform vital functions: they ensure that fire doors are properly closed when not in use; they enable access control systems to secure buildings, they increase energy efficiency, reduce noise pollution, and much more. Door closers are not created equal, however. Cam-Motion® door closer technology is designed for easier opening with guide rails. The force required to open quickly falls after the first degrees. Cam-Motion® Door Closers are easier and more comfortable to open. Cam-Motion® technology works with — not against — the natural power of the human elbow. As you extend your arm, you can exert greater force until the moment your arm is straight. Built with the young and less-able in mind, Cam-Motion® provides superior opening force to rack-and-pinon technology (when used with guiderail). ASSA ABLOY Cam-Motion® does the heavy lifting — so users don't have to.

Next Gen Cam-Motion Door Closers. Effortless Opening

Next Gen Cam-Motion Door Closers

Cam-Motion Door Closers