L100 EURO Electronic lock with Standard RFID-Reader


Product description

  • Wireless Aperio Escutcheon which can be integrated into any access control system via AADP protocol integration or via Aperio Wiegand Hub.
  • Main electronics inside - Reader element outside including emergency battery connector and indication LED's
  • Intelligence split structure enables extreme temperature range (-40°C to +65°C)
  • Outside handle controlled by electronics - Inside handle always engaged (request to exit sensor included)
  • Integrated sensors for bolt and door position, mechanical key override
  • Possibility to store up to 10 emergency cards (only used in case of disconnection from the hub)
  • LED for status visualisation

Scope of delivery

  • 1 lock with batteries (Lithium AA FR6) and installation instructions
  • Screws, flexible cables, drilling template
  • Spindles have to be ordered seperately


  • * It’s recommended to use L100 as an indoor option. However, if the inside temperature is above 0ºC, the L100 could be used as an outdoor option as well.
  • ** It should be observed that harsh environments may affect product operability (excessive humidity, salt, extreme temperatures).
Technical data - L100
Authentication: Three levels of autentification (PIN only, CARD only, PIN & CARD combined)
Code: PIN code - 4 up to 8 digits
Approvals: CE, EN14846, EN179 and EN1125 lock
Dimension: Lock 168,5 x 16,5 x 88/93/98 (H x W x D), Reader inside 167,8 x 48 x 20 / outside 101,8 x 43,7 x 15 (H x W x D)
Door type: Standard or narrow doors
DIN direction: Left / right convertible
Backset: Standard doors (55 mm, 60 mm, 65 mm); narrow doors (30 mm, 35 mm)
Distance: Distance standard doors 72 mm / narrow doors 92 mm, spindle 8/9 mm
Front plate: 24 mm
Door leaf thickness: Spindle length - Door thickness in (): 47/50 (40- 54 mm); 57/50 (47/66 mm); 67/60 (61-80 mm); 74/50 (66-80 mm); 120/120 (88-100 mm); 80/50 (70-87 mm)
Battery: 2 x Lithium AA (FR6)
Battery life: > 100,000 cycles (for max. 4 years)
Radio standard: IEEE 802.15.4 (2.4 GHz)
Encryption (radio communication): AES 128 bits
Distance between the RFID-Reader and hub: Up to 25m depending on the building environment
Class of protection: IP 44 inside* / IP 55 outside**
Operating temperature range: 10°C to 65°C inside / -40°C to 65°C outside
Relative humidity: < 85% (condensation-free)
Status: LED (red/green/orange)
Door status: Locking status (unlocked / locked); Door indication (closed / open); Inside handle detection; Key Cylinder use; Tamper (sabotage)
RFID Technologies (Based on reader type): iCLASS®/ISO 14443B; MIFARE® classic; MIFARE®plus; MIFARE® DESFire® EV1
RFID reading: UID / Sektor / Block / Application / File
RFID Reading range: < 4 cm
Communication interfaces: Micro USB firmware download and battery back up
Offline and Online operation modes: Aperio® Online; Aperio® Offline; Standard OSS Offline