Integrating multiple technologies, systems and protocols
An open platform which can evolve to meet future operational requirements, Incedo Business offers the widest choice of components, giving you greater choice and control over budgets. Moreover, state-of-the-art connectivity and data control enhance efficiency and decision-making, so you can move people and security together without compromising on quality or cost.

Upgrading across multiple platforms
Perfect integration and connectivity demands a single-platform, feature-rich solution. That solution is Incedo Business from ASSA ABLOY. Designed to provide seamless integration with all ASSA ABLOY Incedo-enabled hardware, it will evolve to be comprehensively tested with third-party applications to ensure an easily expandable and endlessly scalable solution with an added benefit: the ability to manage all updates from one single point. With Incedo Business, everything moves together efficiently.

Managing multiple stakeholders including IT facilities, security and human resources
Dealing with multiple vendors and stakeholders can introduce uncertainty, risk and project delays. With the launch of ASSA ABLOY Incedo Business, the world has moved on. Combining an open-platform system with a tailored suite of smart software solutions, it’s now possible to create complete and integrated security systems, quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. It will shortly be compatible with third-party applications to provide a powerful, future-proofed platform for multiple applications, so everything moves together, without time-consuming delays, debates or hassle.