Implementing, managing and monitoring user-specific security systems and keeping track of updates across all applications
Forgotten passwords and password fatigue, a steady stream of starters and leavers, regular updates and the challenges of monitoring user-specific security systems… Incedo Business provides an easy and convenient solution. Combining security hardware and software from multiple vendors in one environment, it gives you the real-time functionality you demand and the enhanced data and decision-making capability you need, all from one controller. Incedo Business delivers intelligent, data-powered solutions around and beyond the door, whether you’re at your desk, or on the go, helping move people and platforms together.

Ensuring centralised, real-time compliance visibility and control — who has access and how are they using it?
Enabling you to connect and control multiple hardware and software elements within one feature-rich platform, Incedo Business enhances data-gathering to improve visibility and performance while reducing complexity and time-consuming activities, including updates and the management of multiple stakeholders. It ensures the system and the people it protects keep moving efficiently together, increasing productivity for the business and job satisfaction for you.

Meeting expectations with available budget
A future-proofed, open platform, Incedo Business gives you the widest choice of technologies and features to meet today’s and tomorrow’s security needs, while flexible subscription packages give you greater budget control. In addition, state-of-the-art connectivity enhances data-gathering and decision-making, so you can drive continuous, cost-effective improvements in security and building efficiency, without compromising quality. Keep everything moving together with Incedo.