Delivering a high-tech experience at lowest possible cost
A future-proofed and open platform, Incedo Business gives you the widest choice of technologies and features to meet today’s and tomorrow’s security needs. Flexible subscription packages offer greater control over budgets. In addition, state-of-the-art connectivity enhances data-gathering and decision-making, so you can drive continuous and cost-effective improvements in security and building efficiency, without compromising quality. Keep your business and security moving together, with Incedo.

Minimising downtime and maximising return on investment
When you need to move fast, Incedo Business moves with you. A new system which connects security and other building management systems, it facilitates easy installation, updates and upgrades — not just for ASSA ABLOY’s Incedo-enabled hardware, but from third-party suppliers, too. Everything works together to minimise downtime and keep people and projects moving efficiently together.

Choosing the right vendors
Ever-evolving technology and a wide range of vendors make it increasingly hard to choose the right security solution. With Incedo Business, this risk and complexity is simplified. An open platform from ASSA ABLOY, the world leader in door-locking devices, it allows you to combine our leading-edge Incedo systems with third-party applications, delivering an integrated and fully scalable solution to keep people and projects moving together.

Integrating security with building subsystems
Allowing seamless integration with ASSA ABLOY Incedo Business is a new open platform that is fully compatible with third-party hardware and building management software. Providing a smart, feature-rich solution for today and tomorrow’s security needs, it works for you, and with you, on-site or on the go, giving you total control over your buildings from one single, future-proofed platform. Keep everything moving together with Incedo.

Finding an ‘edge’ — being an innovator, not a follower
In today’s competitive environment, it’s important to find an edge. For building security, this edge is Incedo Business — a new universal system which combines software and hardware from ASSA ABLOY and third-party vendors. Giving you a totally open platform with endless possibilities, it keeps people and technology moving together, delivering the real-time control you demand, with the flexibility you need, and the enhanced decision-making capability you need to stand out in your sector.