No Touch Exit Sensor - Access without the touch


Our work environment needs to adhere to the safety regulations and guidelines that have been put in place by the authorities. These include access systems that do not require touch-based identification.

No Touch Exit Sensor

The No Touch exit sensor is an idealsolution for entrance and exit doors withheavy pedestrian traffic. It avoids doorhandles being continuously touched,and so reduces viral and bacterialtransmission. You simply wave a hand infront of the device, and it opens the door or gate for you.

Features include:

  • Touch free Exit Sensor
  • 10cm sensing range
  • Optical / Infrared Technology
  • Stainless steel Plate
  • User friendly
  • Avoids virus transmission through contact

Did you know?

A door closer ensures the door closes behind you withoutthe need to physically push the door.This helps in the prevention of the spread of the virus andthere is less need to touch doors.Door closers also improve access control andsecurity by ensuring that doors remain closed at all times.

Download the 'No Touch Exit Sensor' flyer here