Convenient access control as a key factor for the success of your coworking business


The coworking business is growing and research shows it’s not just a passing trend. In the last three years, the number of coworking venues globally has grown by 240%. A report published by coworking online magazine deskmag suggests that over 26,000 coworking spaces are expected to exist around the world by the end of 2020 – almost double the number in 2018.

 The report predicts those 26,000+ coworking spaces will have around 2.5 million members between them. That said, 60% of all coworking businesses state member recruitment is one of their biggest challenges. As the industry continues to expand and competition between coworking spaces increases, can convenient access control really make your coworking business stand out from the crowd and help your success?


Smart, convenient key-less access

Often, would-be coworking members look for coworking venues that offer them the most flexibility for the best price. One major way to give would-be members greater flexibility and therefore give your business a competitive advantage, is through the access control system you install.

Imagine if your members could access your coworking venue, or venues, easily using just their smartphone. No need for an extra key that can be accidentally lost or hard to find on an overcrowded keychain. If you have multiple locations, or intend to add more venues to your coworking business, installing an access control system that has the capacity to “fit all” is certainly a vital step.

In fact, if your coworking business spans multiple sites, an access control system ensures that your members only need one credential - such as an access card or their smartphone - to be able to access all of your locations. This is highly appealing to members who appreciate the convenience of being able to use multiple locations or even being able to travel around and access your coworking business in cities away from home.


Go wireless for a competitive advantage

A business like yours needs to have an easy-to-install solution that works in any venue or building. Opting for a wireless access control certainly ticks the boxes when it comes to ease and convenience of installation. With a wireless system there are no wires to fit, meaning there’s minimal disruption to your doors, walls and members and giving you a competitive edge compared to other coworking spaces. Minimal disruption when installing such an access control solution is especially key if your business already has a high volume of members.

Plus, with a wireless access control, you don’t need to factor in the cost of installing expensive mechanical locks and issuing new keys with every building expansion. Similarly, if your coworking business needs to relocate in a few years’ time to a bigger space, very little in terms of access control needs to change for your members.


Open all hours: Making your space accessible 24/7

For most, the flexibility coworking venues offer includes being able to access the site 24/7. However, an Open All Hours policy to access brings additional staffing costs that don’t always make it a financially viable option for all coworking businesses. That’s where installing an electronic access system can help the success of your coworking business, giving you remote opening and credential management.

An access control system can keep your building secure while giving your members the convenience of using your coworking space whenever they choose. Not only does this make your coworking business more appealing to would-be members who work outside of the standard work day, it also means there’s no need to hire extra staff or greatly increase your staffing budget to cover night shifts.


Security updates executed with ease

With many modern access control systems, you get to decide who has access to certain areas of your building. This allows you to control access to specific areas within your site, for example staff only areas or rooms allocated to specific members at an extra cost, without needing to issue additional keys or install specific locks on certain doors.

In addition to being able to decide who can access certain areas of your coworking business a simple online software can make it easy to create, monitor, adapt and, when needed, revoke individual access permissions, as members come and go, or if someone loses their credentials. One click and everything can be updated ensuring your access remains secure.

It’s this software aspect of the access control system that also enables you to manage accesses remotely – even via a smartphone app – and generate audit trails so that you know exactly who is using your coworking space, what areas they are accessing, and when. This all gives you peace of mind when it comes to security which can be extended to your members and give you an edge over competitors without such audit trail possibilities.


Security, adaptability and convenience are keys to success

When it comes to ensuring your coworking business success, a convenient access control system may not be the first thing you think of as a key to that success. However, as outlined above, installing a system which combines security, adaptability and convenience in one easy-to-install access control system, certainly has that potential.

SMARTair wireless access control system by ASSA ABLOY offers you all these benefits and more. An online web manager that can be accessed remotely and a variety of device options and credentials gives you even greater flexibility. And the fact that SMARTair is a wireless system means it can be easily installed in just one day throughout your business location. With some lock options, there’s no noisy drilling required and with such a simple installation process, there’s no need to disrupt the normal flow of your, or your members’ daily business.

If you want to learn more about how installing SMARTair could give you the competitive edge over other coworking businesses you contact ASSA ABLOY on 011 761 5000 or email