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Whether you stay in an apartment complex, gated community or individually fenced house in a township or suburb, ASSA ABLOY’s security solutions for homes are designed for a wide range of environments and applications. Locks and security systems for residential purposes need to offer protection against burglary, theft, and intrusion while maintaining the convenience for its users. Understanding this, ASSA ABLOY provides a comprehensive range of home security solutions, to protect and keep guard of each corner in your house.

From traditional mechanical locks to modern and digital door solutions, below are a few access points that ASSA ABLOY offers suitable protection for your home’s varied security needs.

Security gates

Most South African homes are equipped with burglar guards or security gates. With these security gates, it is important to ensure they are paired with a strong gate lock. UNION’s new and improved N302 5-lever gate lock assures you of the best and unmatched security for your home. This popular gate lock from UNION now has an anti-saw security feature added, which prevents the deadbolt from saw attack. With internal roller pins, this feature ensures that the lock resists physical attack and intrusion, making this lock highly recommended for high crime areas.

Entrance Doors

If you do not have a security gate installed, the front and back door to your house is the first and obvious entry point for intruders. Whether you live in a secluded family home or in an apartment flat or complex, the lock fitted on your front door needs to not only keep your door locked but also maintain functionality in cases of forced entry, lock picking and any form of manipulation ensure that only authorised people can have access to your home.

Lever locks are a common and popular option for many South African homes, but for your entrance doors, it is important to specifically opt for a 4-lever lock to ensure high security. For even higher security for your entrance and back doors, a cylinder lock is the best option, offering you security higher than that of a lever lock. ASSA ABLOY also offers a range of patented cylinder locks such as the CY110 patented cylinder lock, which provides an additional level of protection against key copying.

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Digital Door Locks

With the new age of digital convenience right in the palm of our hands, more homes are going smart and keyless. Digital locks provide high security, greater convenience and instant gratification, which is why more homes are starting to adopt the trend. These digital door locks are secure while simplifying locking and unlocking. Yale offers a range of smart door locks, offering the utmost convenience and a keyless experience. With Yale’s Keyless Connected smart door lock, you can choose between an RF card, phone sticker, tag or PIN code to operate the lock. This smart lock allows up to 20 users, perfect for families of any size. You can also set up a "one day only" code to provide access for family, guests or cleaning services.

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Garage doors

Besides the obvious and highly valuable vehicles that are kept in the garage, most residential garages typically contain many other valuable possessions such as bikes, power tools, and gardening equipment. Garages can be secured using mechanical or electromechanical locks and alarms which are easy to fit and easy to use. For apartment complexes with designated parking spaces instead of secured garages, access control systems using readers and tags allows only residents in and intruders out. ASSA ABLOY offers a wide range of wireless access control solution, perfect for complexes of any size.

Alarm systems 

Fitting an alarm system adds peace of mind and an additional level of protection to your home. Yale’s Smart Living range offers a Smart Home Alarm kit, equipping your home with a complete system. From motion detectors to PIR image cameras to view the inside of your home, this kit is the perfect solution to monitor your home

Window locks

For additional protection, especially on areas we often overlook, like windows, adding window locks provides your home with an extra security layer. This is also a cost-effective way of improving security. These window locks are often easy to install and come in a range of designs to fit discreetly into residential properties. Yale’s Smart Home Alarm kit mentioned above also includes the window contacts that can also be used for your doors. These window contacts, when used in conjunction with the Yale Smart Home Alarm can be set to trigger the home smart alarm when the window or door has been opened.

External storages

If you have an outside storeroom, where you keep your heavy equipment and tools such as lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, and ladders. You also need to ensure that this area in your home is fully protected and secured in the same way that your house is. Padlocks are great way to secure your external storage. ASSA ABLOY provides a comprehensive range of padlocks suitable for outdoor use, meaning they are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and made out of the strongest material such as boron to prevent intruders from trying to cut your padlock open.

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