Wireless access control solution suitable for your application


Deciding on access control solution does not have to be complex and time-consuming. This is especially with the development of wireless access control solutions. With a wireless access control solution you do not need to worry about intensive labour such as drilling nor the damage, noise and downtime that comes with installing a wired access control system.

But with all the options of a wireless access control solutions available in the market, how do you choose on that is more suitable to your application, the security requirements and user needs. Below is a breakdown of the differences between two of the access solutions offered by ASSA ABLOY, SMARTair and eCLIQ, and what applications they’re better suited for. This should give you a clear indication of which access control solution would be best suited for your facility.


SMARTair is a wireless access control system that allows you to tailor user access rights based on your facility’s requirementsThis system is suitable for businesses of all sizes where access rights for employees may differ.

SMARTair offers four options of control, providing you with a range of options to find one that’s best suited to your security needs and budget. The four levels are:

1. SMARTair Standalone

This is a wireless access control solution best suited for small businesses who do not need or want  to use software to manage the system. This solution is designed for sites with fewer doors and users, where access is granted at each door with the use of an administrator card. This is a simpler way to filter access without the expense and complexity of a complete electronic access control system.

2. SMARTair Update on Card

This solution combines offline access control with wall updaters to ensure users and locks are frequently monitored. The update on card option enables you to encode user cards directly for more convenient access management. This is a great option if you require an audit trail report without the need and expense of a real-time access control.

3. SMARTair Wireless Online

The wireless online solution enables you to monitor and control access in real-time. This option is highly effective for large businesses with many users and doors, but also recommended for small and medium businesses where real-time access control is a must.

With this solution, security managers can update or deny access rights wirelessly, generate real-time audit trails for any lock in the building and even open doors remotely.

4. Mobile access with SMARTair Open Now

This is an option for businesses wishing to go keyless with mobile access. SMARTair Open Now replaces keys and smartcards with secure credentials stored on a user’s smartphone. With SMARTair Open Now, all users need is a smartphone and the Open Now application (available for Android and iOS) to unlock any SMARTair device. Facility managers send, revoke and update virtual keys from anywhere using the SMARTair TS1000 software. This solution only replaces cards, tags and keys but everything else works the same.


eCLIQ is ASSA ABLOY’s new electronic cylinder system offering complete access control with no wiring required. This access control system is composed of electronic keys and electronic locking cylinders. This system offers the highest possible security and eliminates the risks associated with lost keys.

Just like SMARTair, eCLIQ enables the flexibility of changing access rights at any time. With eCLIQ you can also grant temporary rights that can be easily and quickly assigned to users, also providing you with a clear audit trail.

eCLIQ offers a more durable, secure and efficient locking solution than a conventional locking system. This system provides enhanced protection and security for businesses of all sizes, also delivering the greatest flexibility in the issuing of access rights.

For example, eCLIQ enables for administration on the go where the administrator can manage the system via the CLIQ® Web Manager, anytime, anywhere – the only requirement is Internet access.

For doors with a lower security level, users such as cleaners can have access with no time limitation. Whereas for doors with a high security level such as the entrance, access rights for the user keys are updated daily from the wall programmer. If a key is lost, access is denied after 24 hours ensuring higher security

For businesses with remote locations, users can receive time-limited access rights with their keys using the mobile programmer and mobile phone. This eliminates the time users would need to spend going to fetch keys at t control room.

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With both SMARTair and eCLIQ being a wireless solution installation is easy, fast and less costly compared to a wired solution. To find out more about which option would be best suitable for your site, contact ASSA ABLOY on 011 761 5000 or email za.info@assaabloy.com