Why you shouldn’t overlook door handles.

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There are several items around the home that might seem as if they’re inconsequential.

For some, this might include the likes of door handles. Whether you know it or not, these are one of the most important door accessories that you can select. This makes it vital to choose the ones that don’t leave you, your loved ones or prized possessions at risk.

This type of door hardware performs several different functions in your home and as a result, should be given a lot of attention. If you’re about to replace the handles on your existing doors or are looking for entirely new ones, here is why door handles matter.

They add to the aesthetic of any environment

A door without handles just doesn’t seem right. They complete the look and, based on the one you choose, have the potential to make a style statement in your home. These days, they are made from several different materials, making the choices available incredibly diverse.

They can deter criminals

The more robust your handles, the greater the chances that opportunistic thieves will be put off by them. Sometimes, criminals don’t even need to tamper with your door to know that they should rather try another home.

They can make your home a safer place

Whether you’re looking to install them at your entrance, side door or bedroom door, handles can help give any homeowner and its occupants priceless peace of mind. No matter how someone tries to gain access into your home, they are going to come into contact with your handle and ultimately your lock.

As the first line of defence, they should be carefully considered and replaced whenever necessary in order to prevent security breaches.

They are just as important as any locks or hinges

Some people consider handles as an add-on feature for doors but without it, the door simply wouldn’t open, close or lock. If you have flagged a needed for upgraded handles on your doors at home, it pays to consult with the professionals. Not only will the team at ASSA ABLOY help you select the best options.

It goes beyond handles…

To ensure that your doors cannot be compromised, you need several more measures in place. Whilst these might take a bit of effort, liaising with a specialist like ASSA ABLOY will help make the job a swift and effective one. For a higher level of door security, it is worth considering a few other door hardware solutions.

For starters, there is the overall quality of the door in question. If this door is old or compromised in any way, it might not be worth fitting a new handle. Instead, you should look at purchasing and installing a new door. Strength should be of the utmost importance as it isn’t unlikely for thieves to break your front door down.

Take a closer look at what the core of the door is made of and if you are looking to replace an exterior door, ensure the core is solid. For added protection, you can choose one with an iron or steel centre. Adding another lock is another sound way to up the security factor of most doors. Whether it’s a biometric combination or a deadbolt, there are numerous ways that additional locks can be added.

Keeping your entryway unobscured is another good piece of advice. This is because many criminals tend to choose premises where entrances are concealed and they are out of the public eye. Keep this part of your property visible and avoid any hedges or fences that block them. With a clear line of sight, passers-by or your neighbours might even be able to alert you if they see something too.

Security starts with you

At ASSA ABLOY, your peace of mind is important to us. It’s why we offer a range of globally-respected door opening and closing solutions perfect for all needs and budgets. If you are looking to make a few improvements on your premises, we would love to be of assistance to you. To get in touch with us today.