Quality Padlock Solutions


When it comes to security and safety measures, sometimes all you need is an effective deterrent or locking system. Padlocks offer a simple safety solution for a variety of needs. Whether you’re wanting to lock valuable assets away or keep unauthorised personnel out - consider ASSA ABLOY’s range of premium padlocks.

Padlocks offer a cost effective and immediate security solution. They are a common choice for home, commercial and industrial use. While some varieties are easy to purchase at most convenience stores, you may run the risk of easy breakage or wear and tear. If you’re looking for a more specialised padlock solution, consider our quality range.

Padlock Anatomy

There are 3 main parts to a padlock. The shackle, the padlock body and the locking mechanism

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Here are a few questions to ask yourself upfront:

  • What is the purpose of the lock? Is it to prevent theft, prevent access or to implement industrial safety measures?
  • If it’s to prevent access - you’ll need to consider placement as this will determine the shackle size.
  • If it’s to prevent theft, consider how valuable the asset you’re wanting to protect is.  The more valuable, the more thieves might be determined to get it. You’ll need something more durable in this instance.
  • If it’s to implement industrial safety measures for environments housing heavy machinery or electrical installations, you’ll need a safety or contractors padlock.
  • Consider what the padlock will be working with. If it’s attached to a gate or a chain, you’ll need to ensure they’re just as reliable as the padlock itself.
  • Does your insurance cover items secured solely with a padlock, or are more extensive measures required? If so, discover our High Security solutions.
  • Do you need several keysets for a variety of people to access the lock? If so, consider a master key system for your padlock.


Standard Padlocks

Small, simple and sleek padlocks.

  • Ideal for commercial, industrial and residential use.
  • Choose from open and closed shackle options
  • Hardened steel and stainless steel varieties
  • Choose from standard locksets with a key locking mechanism or pin tumbler system

Safety Lockout and Contractor Padlocks

Ensure that you comply with an effective safety lockout programme.

Safety lockout and contractor padlocks are designed to lock out a specific piece of equipment or machinery, during maintenance or repair. Our range of safety padlocks and accessories from UNION are designed to prevent accidents, safeguard assets and protect employees. By implementing these industrial safety measures, you’re able to safeguard your staff from injury or accidents. This will also help safeguard your machinery from accidental damage.
  • Portable installation within sight of serviceable machine, to shut off the energy source.
  • These types of locks ensure that the machine is isolated. This in turn reduces the chance of someone turning the power back on prematurely.
  • Available in a wide range of colours to increase visibility. This allows staff to readily see if a device is isolated.
  • Accessories available to allow for multiple locks.

There’s so much more to padlocks than meets the eye. Feel free to chat to our expert staff should you have any queries. We’re here to help you determine what solution is best suited for you.