Facility Management just got easier with eCLIQ


Building management and security is a challenge that comes with a growing list of responsibilities and risks. As a Facilities Manager, you want a solution that ensures the safety and well-being of the occupants of your building without complicated access authorisation processes all while maintaining convenience and of course instant real-time updates of rights anytime and anywhere.

ASSA ABLOY’s new access control solution eCLIQ, designed with the complexity and the demanding job of Facilities Managers in mind is the perfect solution to simplify the process, offer convenience and safety for all users. eCLIQ is an electronic locking system designed to deliver maximum flexibility and enhanced security. Below are a few benefits of using eCLIQ;

Minimize the risk of stolen keys

There are many risks associated with lost or stolen keys. The obvious and most compromising one would be if the key fell into the wrong hands. When this happens, unauthorised personnel can gain access to your building, therefore defeating the whole purpose of your access control system. With eCLIQ, Facilities Managers can immediately revoke key validity as soon as it is reported missing. Additionally, with the flexibility of the eCLIQ system, eCLIQ user keys can be programmed to open only specific locks or doors for a particular time-schedule. This allows you to individually program keys for specific doors or only those that users need to carry out their daily jobs. This eliminates the risk of a single user key having all clearance even to sections in your building which they do not need clearance for. This way, if one key is lost, your whole building is not compromised.

Immediate audit trails

eCLIQ user keys gather audit trails as they are used. As a Facilities Manager, you can use the management software to easily read out key event memory or retrieve audit trails – and cylinders and padlocks can be accessed for the user records on these too. These audit trails tell you which user key was used for which door and at what time. This makes it easier, in cases of loss or theft, to know which key was used to access the room. Or if you simply want to monitor activity and to know which areas are being accessed by users as they work.

Boost your business security

eCLIQ is more than a locking system and is based on ASSA ABLOY's group-wide CLIQ technology. eCLIQ is an intelligent system solution based on high-quality precision technology. The system comprises of electronic keys, electronic locking cylinders and electronic cylinder padlocks. All these locking systems provide high security protection, with 128-bit SSL encryption plus the security afforded by software certificates on client and server. This also provides protection against manipulation, together with trusted quality and durability – having surpassed over 200 000 cycles. This durability along with the internal lubrication tube makes the maintenance required on the cylinders minimal. The system also offers IP54 rated cylinders, together with dust and rain protection caps – making it suitable for outdoor use and just about any weather condition.

Cable-free and without building disruption

With eCLIQ being entirely wireless, you do not need to worry about extensive labour such as drilling on walls and noise disruption. This also means quick installation, decreased down time and lowered labour costs. With such easy installation, mechanical doors are quickly converted to access-controlled doors in as little as 2 minutes per door.

Carry the power in your pocket

In a world where many electronic access control systems offer greater convenience and flexibility than mechanical keys, one of the benefits that makes eCLIQ different and ideal for Facilities Managers is that you are not tied down to a fixed programming station. eCLIQ offers a range of programming devices, from desk to wall programming devices – but it also offers a portable, smartphone operable mobile programming device, allowing you to make time changes and authorisations as well as a read-out of events log from wherever you are. This mobile programming device is deal for shift supervisors or remote site team leaders, eliminating the need to be based at a control room for key updates. So instead of being tied on site, why not carry the power with you?

Call ASSA ABLOY on 011 761 5000 or send an email to za.info@assaabloy.com to enquire about the newest locking technology, trusted by many and already protecting businesses and public facilities locally and internationally.