Five reasons to consider an electronic key safe for your business


If you own or run a business, you might have a large number of keys that require safe storing. This presents a dilemma as improperly stored keys present a security risk through theft, loss and cloning.

As a result, an electronic key safe is a useful and practical asset that provides priceless peace of mind.

Whilst the kind of electronic key safe that you choose is entirely up to you, some business owners could be on the fence about making this kind of purchase. As the experts in our field, we’ve compiled a few reasons why electronic key safes are absolutely necessary for any organisation with many keys to manage.

1)     It only opens via a code

Thanks to an electronic key, your safe and its contents aren’t easy to compromise. In fact, the only way a thief can access your keys is by having the code or by completely demolishing the structure of the safe. This makes it a reliable option in terms of security as it lacks a traditional lock that could be picked.

2)     They suit a variety of industries

From corporates to car hire businesses and even the mining sector, these kinds of safes are becoming more and more popular as incidences of crime only seem to rise. Effective key storage is required for any area that wishes to have complete control of company property. The true issue lies in what the keys unlock rather than the theft of the keys themselves. This makes a safe a security measure that is absolutely essential for safeguarding valuable information and assets.

3)     Many offer a clear trail of use

Sometimes, trespassing and key theft can occur at the hands of those who have the necessary codes. This makes an audit trail an important offering that many electronic key safes offer. By knowing when keys were accessed, you might be able to determine who took them. This is useful during an investigation or in times of uncertainty. Knowing when keys are returned is also essential in case anyone took them for extended periods of time to have them copied. Luckily, some advanced electronic options can capture when keys were returned as well.

4)     They’re made from durable materials

With these safes holding the keys to many sensitive areas of a business, their durability is essential. Thanks to the use of heavy-duty materials, these electronic options can be exceptionally strong and withstand a host of destructive forces. The better quality you invest in, the more likely your keys are to remain safe. This is why it pays to choose a respected name in the industry that offers properly accredited products.

5)     By choosing the right make, you can get the insights of an expert

When you purchase a product like this one, you’d expect it to come with the advice of trusted professionals. However, this isn’t always the case for every provider that sells electronic key safes. At ASSA ABLOY our years of experience enable us to provide the best solutions that the industry has to offer. With a trusted legacy as the leaders in door opening solutions, we pride ourselves on being able to identify what our customers need and which of our offerings best address them. By supplying some of the world’s most respected names, our clientele knows that every ASSA ABLOY offering is one that they can rely on. For more on our ranges and the peace of mind that they bring, please contact us today.