ASSA ABLOY’s new eCLIQ™ electronic locking system


The system offers reliable protection and maximum flexibility

ASSA ABLOY’s new eCLIQ™ electronic locking system offers users a high security and easy to retrofit solution for existing buildings. With its unique pioneering chip and 128-bit AES encryption, it offers exceptional security but also quick and secure communication between the lock and the electronic key.

The eCLIQ™ system is based on standard cylinders and padlocks which enables buildings with existing locks to be easily converted to a fully electronic access control system. This enables security managers to update access authorisations, quickly revoke keys, and it eliminates the time and money spent on changing cylinders and re-cutting keys.

The eCLIQ™ system is useful for businesses like retailers, which suffer from high staff turnover, as owners or managers can revoke access permissions when a member of staff leaves, ensuring continued security. The system also offers time or area-restricted authorisations for an eCLIQ™ key. For example, contractors could be given access rights for the duration of a specific job. Once the job is completed, access is withdrawn from the eCLIQ™ key. Other applications include 24 hour fuel stations or technical support environments where members of staff come and go at various times of the day, or where you need to grant time-limited access to delivery drivers.

An additional application of the eCLIQ™ system is the switch cylinder, which can be installed onto high value assets, such as forklifts or cranes. The operation of these items can be controlled through the eCLIQ™ system ensuring that only qualified operators use them and to keep an audit trail of when the vehicles were used.

Hayley Elwen, Business Development Director: Africa for ASSA ABLOY, said: "Our CLIQ™ technology has already proven itself by securing buildings all over the world. eCLIQ™ is the next step for this technology, delivering a fully-electronic locking solution. For any organisation needing a powerful locking system, eCLIQ™ provides a secure, flexible solution, with minimum fuss.”

She adds "The eCLIQ™ cylinders and keys meet the latest industrial standards for electronic locking systems, and work in environments from manufacturing businesses to hospitals, education to government and high security installations. The system has a tremendous range of cylinder and padlock options from office doors and cold storage areas to external gates and even potentially explosive areas. There is also a varied range of compatible padlocks available, designed for all weather conditions.

“The eCLIQ™ cylinders work in temperatures from -25 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius without issue and have worked even in extremely harsh conditions, like deserts. The durable, reversible electronic key is also waterproof to the IP67 standard, ensuring users can rely on eCLIQ™ whatever the weather.

"Another key benefit is that thanks to its integrated lubrication reservoir, an eCLIQ™ cylinder can remain maintenance-free for up to 200,000 operational cycles. This helps reduce time and costs spent on replacement cylinders. And finally, installation is a simple process too, with no need for wiring, which makes for a great solution across multiple sites or campuses.”

The use of eCLIQ™ keys and cylinders is nearly the same as the use of a normal mechanical keying system. The only difference is the sound and visual signals given to the key holder when an eCLIQ™ key is inserted in an eCLIQ™ cylinder. The electronics in the key and cylinder takes only 0.1 seconds to communicate before the key can be turned, so its an almost instant turn and unlock operation.

She adds that “Cylinder electronics are powered by an easy-to-replace standard battery inside every eCLIQ™ key, with a lifetime of 30,000 cycles, making eCLIQ™ a durable solution, which is easy to install and even easier to use”.