Double the security and improve business efficiency


Ensure that your business receives double the security with the PROTEC2 CLIQ™ by ABLOY. This access control system makes use of mechanical security as well as the electronic CLIQ™ technology, and enables full control of who enters which areas in your business in a flexible and secure way. For certain business premises, it is crucial to know the exact time the person has visited the location, and the CLIQ™ system enables a real-time audit trail. The PROTEC2 CLIQ™ key allows you to store audit trails, making it easier to keep record of when the lock was opened. With the vast memory capacity of the key, you are able to store more audit trails and program up to 3500 locks into one key. Should there be any security breach, it’s quick and easy to see what happened and when.

With this system you do not have to worry about people accessing restricted areas after working hours or people who need access to different areas holding onto multiple keys. The system is equipped with a clock and calendar to allow you to grant access rights for a certain time and date. This system would be ideal for your industrial business as each employee can be granted individual access rights based on time and date depending on their shift requirements. And it’s ideal for remote locations, where going back to the control room to pick up keys means time-consuming travel for technicians. The PROTEC2 CLIQ™ by ABLOY   system allows you to control and grant access without compromising security. Furthermore, the key features a battery that can last up to 10 years, making it an even better investment.

You are also assured that the locks and padlocks are high-strength and high security – cylinders and padlocks are protected against drilling, picking and bumping. The padlock and the key are also IP rated, and protected against intrusion and moisture.

Rest assured knowing that the security system you have does not only secure your assets but also enhances the efficiency of your business.

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