Cut down on the keys at home – one key can fit all locks!


How many times have you had to come back from work, tired and still had to figure out which key belonged to which door? They all look the same right? Not to mention that you still have to hold them a certain way to insert them into the lock as you carry your bag and answer that phone call because it might be important! It might just be time you switched to using a master key.

Or maybe those times when you’re feeling a little more worried about security, you’d like the process to all go a bit faster. It won’t if you have a million keys on your hands, and still have to ensure that you pick the correct key to open your door.  But there’s a way to solve that!

That is why with keying options such as master key systems (which allow for different levels of access for different people in the home) and keyed alike locks from UNION, you’re able to have one key to open all the locks in your house from the gate to the front door and your back door. UNION offers a range of keying options suited to your safety needs. Visit your nearest locksmiths and ask about the UNION Keyed Alike locks. Be different - be keyed alike!

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