Choosing Door Locks: What to consider

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Security is priceless. Whether it’s your home or office, keeping people, assets and important information safe is a top priority. For many, the first step is access control.

This places the focus firmly on door locks and how effective they are at keeping intruders out. 
• Technology and increased innovation mean more options than ever before. 
• Knowing what to look for is vital before you take the plunge and purchase.
• The choice between traditional and modern options is a big one. 
As the global leader in door opening solutions, we’ve compiled a guide to choosing new door locks. Here’s what to consider.

What kind of lock do you need?

Not all locks were created equal. There isn’t one single lock that will work for every door. Many locks are created with purpose and functionality in mind. This means that in order to decide which kind you need, you will need to understand what locks you’ll be able to install. Residential options will differ from commercial ones and most of the time, it will come down to the kind of door you’re looking to secure. If you’re wanting to fit a new lock to an existing door, your options might be more limited than they would be if you were installing new doors as well. To ascertain precisely what your requirements are, it pays to talk to a professional with a knowledge of what’s available to you. There’s no use in purchasing a biometric lock when you’re only able to accommodate standard locksets.


How safe is safe?

Locks have safety gradings. This rating is something that users should always take heed of, especially before any kind of purchase is made. Most reputable manufacturers of locks will have their products tested. These tests give an indication of quality, durability and security. Locks are usually rated based on how many cycles of opening and closing they can withstand before deterioration starts to occur. Knowing how long a lock should last will also prepare you for what’s to come. In choosing one with a high grade, you’ll bypass the frustration that comes with inferior products. Regardless of residential or commercial applications, front door locks should always be of the highest grade. This is because they undergo the most wear and tear, and are your main access point from outside.


What features are a must?

Although it might be tempting to purchase a lock with all of the bells and whistles, it’s important to focus on what you need. With locks not coming in a universal size, attention to detail with features is key. Do you need a digital lock or will a mortice lock do the trick? If it is for a front door or entranceway, perhaps you might want to consider an option with tamper prevention. If you’re making use of other security technology, the lock you choose will need to complement your current set up and not work against it.


What will the installation entail?

Once again, the doors you are using will influence the installation process. This makes the advice of a true professional essential to installing effective door locks that guarantee security. In getting the opinion of someone you trust, you can rest assured that you’ve purchased the right solution and that you won’t have buyer’s remorse. If you don’t get an expert’s view on the matter, you might find that you’ll end up spending more when the existing hardware you have is incompatible with the new lock.


You know who to call

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