Control, protection & security with Mul-T-Lock Integrator’s advanced key technology

The new patented Mul-T-Lock Integrator from ASSA ABLOY South Africa is a world class quality, effective and affordable high security protection solution for the home and office.

“Patented keys are the future as the patented key system offers unparalleled security features including protection from future keys duplication,” states ASSA ABLOY South Africa’s Vice President, Quintin Boukan. “The Mul-T-Lock Integrator key system offers the best of both; it effectively combines superior quality with affordability, offering end-users with security and financial peace of mind.” 

Mul-T-Lock‘s advanced key technology which is based on the proven and reliable 7x7® telescopic pin tumbler mechanism, comprises seven chambers and a horizontal keyway. According to Boukan, the high security cylinder platform which incorporates a double protection mechanism, ensures an excellent security platform. “The innovative design allows for special oval launcher plug pins, either a single or double (master) pin within the relevant plug chambers. The single launcher pin can be positioned in the cylinder as an internal or external launcher pin.” 

The state-of-the-art design features a unique moving element which incorporates a new pin OVI and a new plug which allows insertion of the OVI pin. The new body introduces two cavities to receive the OVI pin. Boukan explains how the system operates: “Without the key,  the OVI pin is allocated in the cylinder body cavity. The OVI pin is held up in its position by the pins and springs action. When inserting the key, the lower part of the OVI pin is lodged in the Interactive+ pin cavity (in the key). The key turn supplies the energy to the OVI pin to withdraw from the body cavity generating a superior cut line, higher than the cut line of the interactive pins. This is possible due to the conic shape of the OVI pin head.”

  • Additional features and benefits offered by the Mul-T-Lock Integrator:
  • The patented key system protects future keys duplication
  • Reversible nickel silver key
  • Efficient Master keying capabilities
  • All products can be Keyed Alike, Keyed Different or Master Keyed
  • Assignment of various levels of access to a user's key
  • New moulded personalised key head and attractive new colour new blue pantone
  • Wide selection of cylinder types and personal profiles available
  • New 3D Image Euro Cylinder and 3d Image Mortise
  • Complies with EN 1303:2005 in lock security class 6 and attack resistance class 2
  • Complies with highest level of known standards for cylinders 


Mul-T-Lock is a proven brand with an excellent reputation as affirmed by the product’s large global installed base. Available in a compact and modular design, the Mul-T-Lock offers versatile application possibilities. Boukan expects this value-for-money, economic solution to open up new markets in the entry level price range for ASSA ABLOY South Africa.