Learning mindset ensures future success


For software developer Kamil Hakim being a trainee was not just a great way to learn more about the technology behind locking systems, it was a chance absorb good working habits as preparation for a successful career.

“Before I started my traineeship I knew about ASSA ABLOY but I didn’t really realise that ASSA ABLOY did so much more than just keys and cylinders. In a sense that’s what attracted me. I like to work with real things, solid things, like locks. And I love everything to do with electronics, from circuits to computers. Working at Shared Technologies was the ideal fit.

“I started my traineeship in 2012 as a software developer and after a few months got to choose the project I wanted to work on – within Shared Technologies of course. I still work in the project that I chose in the beginning, A3P which is a platform for Electronic Access Controls. I selected this project because it was an area where I could learn the most about architecture and possibly building distributed systems.

“It was a great learning environment, not just from a software perspective. Having the title ‘trainee’ gave me a completely different mindset than if I had been an employee. I was in learning mode rather than ‘write-production-code-mode’; the beauty of this is that I had even more time to absorb and reflect on good working habits and the ideas that drive them.

“I guess this is the difference of being put in to a ditch with a shovel and asked to dig instead of being placed on top of the ditch to be able to see why it is being dug in the first place. The foundation I was able to build by learning in this way will probably stay with me for my entire career.

“Now, as an employee, I’m more focused on getting a deeper understanding of the product I’m currently working on. This is really rewarding when you know what impact you’re making in the ASSA ABLOY eco-system.

“Being a trainee is a great opportunity to get your career started: there is always something new to work on which makes the learning potential huge.”