An interesting future convinces Joakim to stay


Joakim Lathinen was one of four software developer trainees headhunted to join Shared Technologies in 2012. All four chose to stay at the company when their one-year placement was over.

For Joakim the decision was based on ASSA ABLOY’s bright future and the chance of many interesting and challenging roles long into the future.

“I didn’t actively seek out a placement with ASSA ABLOY but when the assignment was proposed to me I found it interesting as it was in a sector that I hadn’t previously considered and knew very little about.

“There were four of us who joined the program, all as software developers, and we’ve all stayed at ASSA ABLOY, which I consider a very good indicator of what the company is like to work for.

“I haven’t noticed a lot of difference between being a trainee and a full-time employee: we were so well integrated and ‘unrestricted’ as trainees that little has changed – the benefits and salary are better of course!

“That’s one thing about being a trainee. Being in a hands-on role you do pick up things without being conscious that you are learning. I know I’ve learned a lot, probably even more than I realize. I’ve developed as a programmer, engineer and personally, and the courses that were offered allowed us to learn about things we wouldn’t normally have had the chance to explore.

“I really enjoy the work variety and the freedom to express your ideas and opinions, but one thing that did weight heavily in my decision to stay at Shared Technologies was what the future holds for the company. I see a really bright and interesting future for ASSA ABLOY and the work that I will be doing. I feel there will always be interesting work on the horizon and that’s why I think I will stay here for many years to come.”